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About spyne

spyne is a SaaS platform enabling creative, marketing, growth and data teams to work together in a fluid and collaborative manner.

It makes marketing project management more rational and efficient by automating tasks, centralizing data, and reducing the risk of error. The time saved can be devoted to more profitable tasks: sales, performance optimization, tools knowledge, etc.

When letting spyne access their Google Ads or Google Analytics data, our cilents get access to reports with KPIs relevant for their business.

How is Google OAuth2 used to enhance user functionality ?

  • Enable login to : access to spyne's platform is restricted, users need to be identified before accessing dashboards, using either a combination of login and password or through Google OAuth2 login (spyne uses Google Firebase authentication solution)
  • Let user grant spyne access to their Google Ads and Google Analytics data: spyne is an analytics solution for creative, marketers and growth teams, it gathers data from Google Ads and Google Analytics accounts in order to build relevant dashboards / charts / KPIs. spyne will not mutate any data on your platforms, it only gathers and sythesizes your data

What will this app do with user's data ?

  • User's passwords are not stored in spyne's databases, as we use Google Firebase solution for authentication
  • User's data (e.g. campaign name and campaigns metrics) are stored in spyne's databases and data warehouses in order to be able to display relevant dashboards (including charts and KPIs)

Accessing user's data requires to be logged in, no data is available to unauthenticated users.

Google OAauth2 Limited Use Disclosure

spyne's use of data received from Google APIs adhere to the Google API Services User Data Policy , included the Limited Use requirements.

Privacy policy

spyne's Privacy Policy is detailed on this page.

Legal Notice

spyne's Legal Notice is detailed on this page.

Reminder on app's identity:

spyne App, hosted on , is owned by Spyne SAS, incorporated in Paris, France under RCS number B 915 292 049.

Terms and conditions

spyne's Terms and Conditions are detailed on this page.